GameDay Vision

Eye-Catching Custom Designed Graphics For Your Facility & Events!

Custom graphics designed and digitally printed to fit your needs just right.

About Us

GameDay Vision is a division of Inflatable Images, Inc., the largest manufacturer of cold air inflatables in the world. We have become the leader in Custom Designed Graphics for Facilities & Events. Specializing in transforming plain athletic areas into exciting professional environments. With the help of our team, organizations will be able to transform their facilities without the cost of remodeling. We provide many other products to help enhance or add to schools, facilities, stadiums, gymnasiums and communities.

Our Scherfit © Patented Hanging system allows GameDay Vision to create amazing and unique graphic environments on your stadium, fences and athletic venues. All Graphics are fully customizable and installed using our time proven, engineer tested methods. We transform the ordinary into exciting, colorful, mascot and school identity statements that will last for years!