GameDay Vision

Eye-Catching Custom Designed Graphics For Your Facility & Events!

Custom graphics designed and digitally printed to fit your needs just right.

About Us

GameDay Vision is a division of Inflatable Images, the largest manufacturer of cold air inflatables in the world. We’ve become the leader in custom graphic designs for facilities and events. We specialize in transforming plain athletic areas into exciting, eye-catching environments with colorful mascot and/or school identity statements that last for years. We design and create a wide array of custom graphics for sporting events and other special events in Brunswick, Ohio, and beyond.

Why Choose Us?

We design professional products with custom graphics digitally printed to fit a variety of needs that allow you to creatively enhance schools, facilities, stadiums, arenas, gymnasiums and communities. We create everything from simple to the most complex graphics. Our talented team helps organizations convert their facilities with indoor and outdoor custom graphic designs without the high cost of remodeling or reimaging your venue. Your new space will excite and entice athletes, students, fans and any other visitors.

Our Custom Graphic Design Services

All our graphics are fully customizable with time-proven and engineer-tested installation methods to ensure safety and success. Our highly skilled team uses advanced digital printing and cutting equipment and the latest 3D engineering software for design and installation. We utilize stock color, custom color or a combination of color solutions to meet your custom graphic design needs. Our Scherfit© Patented Hanging system allows us to create amazing graphic environments on your walls, fences, bleachers or just about anywhere you want to reflect your vision.

Our Products

From simple pole banners to complex custom windscreens, we work with you to meet your specific needs. Our team strives to exceed your highest expectations in projects both big and small. Our custom graphics can be printed and installed almost anywhere.

  • Our Stadium Bleacher Jerseys™ allow you to transform your bleachers into a stadium without any need to tear down and rebuild or alter the facilities. They offer an excellent way for schools to generate revenue through sponsorship spots and for companies to show their support within the community.
  • Your concession stand can create a lasting impression with our Brickscapes, which enhance overlooked, boring exterior walls with the beauty of vibrant graphics. Our semi-permanent applications adhere to various surfaces, including brick, concrete and semi-textured walls, and ensure your building is memorable.
  • Enhance wall padding with dynamic colors and large-scale graphics that visually stimulate the spectator’s view. Use a powerful logo or your school mascot to encompass the center of your wall padding. You can also include sponsor advertising, branding, directional guidance or safety messages. These products are ideal for schools in their gymnasiums, stadiums, arenas, wrestling rooms or any wall requiring padding that could use some pizzazz.
  • Windscreens add colorful excitement to unimaginative chain link fences around your athletic fields and facilities. We create custom windscreens for every fence in and around your school and sports stadiums, including playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball and soccer field fences and the fencing inside your football stadium. Besides an eye-catching message, windscreens also provide an affordable solution to block distractions and reduce wind around your field.
  • We produce digitally printed flags and banners on many different types of vinyl materials. Whether you want a simple text-only design or an elaborate design with pictures and logos, we offer unbeatable quality and competitive pricing. Flags and banners are easy to transport and create lasting impressions for schools, businesses or any location or event you want to call attention to.
  • Gym walls are an ideal place for school mascots or other school logos, and our custom graphic designs bring your gymnasium to life. Choose wall signs, banners and/or murals, and we can even create large custom-designed floor graphics and ceiling banners.
  • Locker rooms don’t have to be boring. Give your athletes inspiration and something they can be proud of with large school logo signs or wall murals, motivational signs or locker inserts for the outside of the doors or inside the lockers that reflect the school and sport or even individual players.

Some of the many other areas we design and create custom graphics for include scoreboards, hallways, coaches’ offices, conference rooms, doors, floors and much more. We can even create multilayered dimensional signage with an array of materials from printed PVC to colored plexiglass.

Draw Attention To Your Facilities

Get your students and fans excited and on their feet with eye-popping graphics that pump up school spirit. We have the experience, capabilities and knowledge to help you enhance all your facilities. Contact us at 330-830-4550 to order your custom graphic design today.