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Windscreen Designs

Custom windscreens for your fences can give your playing field an updated look and provide a wealth of benefits to your athletes. From improving ball visibility and blocking out distractions to reducing wind in the field, a windscreen makes your field look great and helps keep your athletes safe and comfortable. Whether you want to replace an existing screen or you’re looking to create and install a new design, at GameDay Vision, we provide excellent customer service, trained professionals and several products to choose from.

Fence Banners

Colorful vinyl mesh banner windscreens help you brand your athletic programs and help reduce wind on the playing field for better performance. The mesh material is durable and resistant to tearing, which helps it last through multiple seasons of game play. Also, the material has a unique hole pattern that reduces the sail effect when the wind blows, and because the windscreen is only slightly transparent, it provides a degree of privacy. These are a great item to display the names of your team sponsors, and you can hang multiple banners along your fence and remove only a section at a time as needed.

Our banners include punched grommets that provide multiple installation options, or you can choose banners with pockets along the top and bottom for installation via poles. The grommets let you attach the windscreen tightly and securely to your fence to prevent it from coming loose and to provide years of unlimited use.

Fence Jerseys

Brand your fence just like your schools’ jerseys and it will give your entire stadium or ballpark a facelift. Customize these jerseys with your team colors or school mascot to help show off your spirit. Our team of design specialists uses advanced digital software with 3D effects to help you create a design that reflects your vision. Like our other products, our fence jerseys are printed with UV protected ultra-bright inks that are resistant to fading and bleeding. Whether you want to cover an entire wall or highlight the front of your grandstand, our jerseys come in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

Fence Wrap

The biggest difference between our fence banners and fence wrap is the size. Banners can be made in a variety of sizes and can feature a single message or design, while fence wrap generally covers the entire fence from top to bottom for maximum privacy. They work well to conceal or beautify an existing playing field, and the colorful graphics are an excellent way to promote an upcoming event, including marathons, parades and even races. The full-color designs are printed digitally, which means there are no restrictions on what you can include. It can range from a simple team logo to an elaborate photograph or intricate design.

You can choose from several types of fabric and colors, and we offer custom fittings to ensure your entire fence is covered. Our fence wrap is lightweight and easy to transport and store if you want to take the wrap down during the off-season. The wraps are easy to clean, so they can be used over and over.

Contact Us

For more information on the types of products we offer to update the look of your playing field, contact us at GameDay Vision in Brunswick, Ohio, at (330) 830-4550. We understand how important the appearance of your stadium is to both your organization and your team players, and we work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied. We are open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM to answer your questions or go over your design needs.

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